Tuesday, February 22, 2011

O Happy Day!

Good news folks!  A few birds have finally found the endless buffet on the bird feeder station!  They are also knocking enough seed down to keep the Mourning Doves & squirrels happy!  I think I even saw a hummingbird checking out the red feeder.  It's a little early for hummingbirds here; we don't usually see them until March, but I went ahead and put a feeder out for them.  I can't wait until it's loaded with birds all the time!  I enjoy watching them!  No photo of them yet but one day...

I've been doing too much manual labor the past few days and managed to wear myself out by evening!  You know it's bad when I'm too pooped to blog!  The weather has been simply gorgeous and I've just had to be outside doing something to enjoy it!  I decided to start playing in my garden and getting it back into shape and trying to salvage what's left after our many nights of below freezing temps.  (Yes, even here in Florida, it gets cold... just ask my Mother who hates cold weather!)

I spent yesterday draining my garden pond, cleaning it out and refilling it.  I also trimmed all the dead stuff and raked leaves.  It's already looking so much better!
Today, Country Boy & I made some jelly.  A neighbor had given us some peaches awhile back and while I had every intention of baking my hubby some peach cobbler or even his favorite... a peach pie, I never got around to it.  (I'm not much into baking!)  I guess Country Boy gave up and decided it was time to make jelly with the peaches instead.  Don't feel too bad for him because he didn't get his cobbler or pie... he LOVES homemade jelly probably just as much!
We also made some apple jelly.  Mmm, applesauce anyone?!  Here are the cooked apples being strained.

The jelly jars getting a bath!


And just because he is so irresistable...
My filthy, ham of a cat... Hunter!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  I would love to hear your comments!

Till next time,
Gone Country

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