Friday, March 25, 2011

Good News, Critters & Such

Happy Friday everyone!

Country Boy and I finally got word that our RV was fixed and running great.  Whew!  Nothing like cutting it close especially since we took it in a month ago... we leave Monday morning for a vacation.  A lot of things were wrong with the engine all at once and a lot of work had to be done to it.  We were dreading the total tally of parts & labor.  But, the Lord blessed us and they kept it right at the quote that they gave us!  Yay!  I'm a happy girl!


I went grocery shopping this morning and got all the yummy food that you just have to have when you're camping... hot dogs, chips and dip (a personal fave of mine!), meat for hamburgers, makings for a fish fry, baked beans, potatoes, eggs & bacon.  OK, you get the idea!  We don't usually have any hot dogs or chips in the house so I'm really excited about that!  There's nothing better than a hot dog roasted over a fire!  A weenie roast!  And I have always loved chips & dip.  There are movie clips of me as a toddler dipping a chip into the dip.  OK, so maybe I was 'scooping' the dip instead of dipping; what can I say, I LOVE French Onion dip!  It's a good thing there are hiking trails around the campground because I'm gonna need to work off this yummy camping food!


This afternoon, I took a book and sat on the bird-watching patio.  Not a lot of action today but I managed to get some reading done and get a couple of decent shots!  The orange tree saw more visitors than the feeders!

The squirrels love to hang out under the feeder.  Lots of goodies there!

So far these guys haven't figured out how to get onto the feeders but this one sure is pondering a way!

He saw me looking at him and taking his picture so he's trying to blend in... 'you don't see me lady'!

I liked how the wings showed up on this guy.

Mourning Doves

And there ya have it!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

Your shots are SO beautiful! The mourning doves are just stunning. :)

Anonymous said...

The hummingbird shot from the top is AMAZING!!!!

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