Monday, May 16, 2011

Gorgeously Green

I bought a book at the grocery store the other day that was a ridiculous price for a hardback book.  I have a thing for books.  I love them!  Country Boy says if I get anymore books our floor is going to fall in!  He's a funny guy!  Anyway, when I saw the price... I just couldn't pass it up!  Besides, it's about a subject that I am trying to achieve one step at a time... living lean and GREEN!

One of the topics covered in this book are dietary issues.  A description on the book cover states that toxins, preservatives, and packaging are harming our bodies and making us fat and sick, harming the planet, and ultimately costs more than simply grown, wonderfully prepared, perfectly portion-size organic food.  I firmly believe this statement and have been making attempts at creating a lifestyle of simplicity, even in our diet for the past several months.

Other topics include some tips on purging your pantry, shopping lists, saving money, fitness, creating an Eco-Kitchen, creating a garden, composting, skin food (with recipes!), and lots and lots of recipes and resources.

I can't wait to dig into this book to learn more ways to save money, stay healthy and be GREEN!

What are you reading these days?

Till next time,


TexWisGirl said...

blogs... far too many blogs...

Anonymous said...

I snickered when I read texwisgirl's comment! :)

It sure is a nice looking book (I love hardbacks) I hope you'll give us a review on it when you're finished.

I am not reading anything right now besides blogs. They've been keeping me real busy, which is good for me right now. :)

Paul said...

Isn't great to run across a great "find" in books. I'm reading "In A Pit With A Lion on a Snowy Day" by Mark Batterson. It's about being bold enough to let go of our need for comfort and control and following God's leading.
Doesn't do much for the diet,but it's an excellent read....:) We are trying to eat healthier too since Jenny got on a health improvement plan sponsored by Duke U. for pastors.
BTW - Love the new music on the blog. A big improvement.....:)

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