Thursday, May 29, 2014


After being in the desert for the past seventeen months (boy that sounds like a long time) I am enjoying taking photos of the beach.

Here are some shots after yesterday morning's storm...

From dry desert to humid wetlands.

CountryBoy got rained out and sent home from work the past two days and both days the weather cleared up in the afternoon.  So, yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and his time off by going to the beach.

We took LizzieBelle so she could run around while we walked along the beach looking for sea glass and unique shells.

There wasn't much of either but there sure was a lot of trash after the Memorial weekend.  Everything from beer bottles and cans to dirty diapers.  Really people?  Especially when there are garbage cans all along the beach.  It is so sad to see and it disgusts me that people can be so inconsiderate of others and their environment.

But, enough about that.

After our walk we decided to drive around and do some more scouting of what is in our local vicinity.

We didn't make it very far before we happened upon a bait shop under the intracoastal waterway bridge that had live bait and a dock out back that anybody could fish from.

CountryBoy had his poles and tackle box in the back of the truck so we decided to stay for bit so he could do some fishing.  There were dogs meandering around the shop and the dock so after LizzieBelle got comfortable with her surroundings and the other dogs I let her off her leash so she could walk around and enjoy herself.  She was some tired pup when we got home! Meanwhile, CountryBoy caught some fish so he was a happy camper.

Needless to say, we still need to do some more scouting of the area.

The sun is shining this morning and the forecast is not calling for rain until tomorrow so CountryBoy may get a full days' work in; which is always good for next week's paycheck, ha!  And me? Well since we're having leftover Tex Mex Chicken & Rice soup (yum!) and all the chores are done I plan on spending the day working on my denim rag quilt.

I have two more pairs of jeans as well as the backing (thrift store finds) left to cut into squares then I can start sewing the pieces together (provided I have enough squares cut to make a decent size quilt  If not, it's back to cutting more jeans that were just given to me for this project.)  I'm hoping to start sewing the pieces together today.  Fingers crossed.

I've got another quilt project in mind but I am making myself finish this one before starting on the next.  Simply because I do not have the space to have multiple works in progress going on at the same time and the denim quilt pieces are taking up quite a bit of valuable space at the moment.

So, it's time to exit blogland and get out all my quilting and sewing paraphernalia from all over the fifth wheel and get this denim rag quilt done!

Till next time folks!

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