Monday, October 27, 2014

Recent Thrift Store Finds

Do you like going to thrift stores?

A couple of weekends ago, CountryBoy and I stopped at a couple of thrift stores so that I could find a few things to wear to an upcoming event.  See, most of the clothes I have while traveling in the fifth wheel are casual clothes.  You know, those clothes that are comfy and are 'staying at home' type of clothes. wink!

As a child, I hated going to thrift stores.

Granted, Mom and I rarely went but when we did I wanted to hide.


I love going to thrift and secondhand stores!

Why do I like it?  I like the fact that I can buy perfectly good, often-times brand name clothing for a fraction of the price of the piece when it was new.  I also like the challenge of 'the find'.  Finding those pieces that fit and look decent on me.

Here's what I found that day...

White jeans & skirt, a blouse, a denim skirt and jacket from St. John's Bay, Dress Barn, and Coldwater Creek to name the more common brand names.  Score!

We also found a few other items (another reason I love checking out thrift stores!) such as practically brand new pots,

a couple of storage baskets, a sushi mat and books!

Overall, I think it was a successful thrift store shopping trip!

We also went antiquing and thrift store shopping on our way home from Kentucky.

Here's what I found on that trip...

antique Ball blue jars (cuz one can never have too many of those!) and a Pyrex mixing bowl to add to my collection.

Won't they be perfect at our new farm?

I also picked up a bunch of lace and thread.

What deals have you found recently while shopping at thrift stores?


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love those Pyrec bowls. I would like to start a collection of my own. (=

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

It's always exciting when you happen upon something yo love an can use - at a great price.

Gail Dixon said...

Nice finds!! As I've gotten older, I have less desire to shop...for anything. I'd much rather be outside with my camera or kayaking then doing anything else. I finally looked around one day and decided I had enough stuff. :) Nice to see you posting again!

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