Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bits 'O This & That

Good morning friends!

In a bit I will be taking CountryBoy's truck to the shop for Phase 3 of fixing all the issues.  (I will do a past on all that we had done to it.)  This is going to be a major, time-consuming task (and probably quite expensive but still cheaper than a new truck!).

To kill the time, my sister-in-law is graciously coming to pick me up and we are going to head over to Kingman, AZ.  We will probably find a Hobby Lobby there, check out other shopping opportunities that we don't have in Bullhead and we will definitely stop at Cracker Barrel for some good 'ole country cookin' (and a bit of shopping at the country store!).

Yesterday, I tried to update the blog a bit... change the layout, add some things, remove some things and change the font.  For some reason, the fonts would not change.  They would change in the design area but not on the blog itself.  Frustrating.  I'm not totally pleased with the look yet so I will try again another day.  Maybe Blogger was having a bad day!

In other news, my tomato plant that I started from seed in an empty kitty litter bucket (using what was on hand) has some blooms on it, yay!

Two more blooms have appeared since this photo was taken.  I'm excited and hoping we'll get some nice tomatoes from this plant.

It's a far cry from the garden I planted last year while at home but hey, at least this is something and I've enjoyed nurturing and watching it grow.

Have you got any veggies growing?

Till next time,


Lynn said...

Your tomato plant looks very healthy! I just noticed blossoms on mine tonight too-enjoy:@)

Gail Dixon said...

Not growing tomatoes this year as last year's effort was such a disappointment. Yours looks promising! Hope the truck repairs stay on budget and are fixed in a timely manner.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Sounds like a great day out. No veggies growing here, except some Tom Thumb tomatoes and herbs. Must plant some poppy seeds soon, before it gets too cold.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog reader who is having the same problem changing fonts on her blog. She uses Firefox as her browser. Wondering if it could be the browser?

Charlotte Wilson said...

Changing fonts can be tricky. I haven't had any luck doing it either.
I like your tomato idea to plant in a litter box...very green.
Found you on Louisiana Belle.
Have a wonderful day!

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